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How To Find Shampoo Bars That Don’t Dry Out Hair and Use Them Properly

If you’ve been doing your own hair for a while, you’ve probably encountered shampoo bars before. And while they are not as popular as liquid shampoos, people have really begun to notice them over the recent years. Since they can’t leak/spill and aren’t regulated by travel bodies like TSA, these shampoos are particularly loved by people who travel a lot. But this is not the only thing that makes them stand out. In fact, here are some major differences between shampoo bars and liquid shampoos:

How to Air-dry Hair Without Frizz

With more and more people reducing their use of heat tools, there has been an increased interest in air drying. There is usually one thing we worry about when making this transition though – frizzing. But you shouldn’t have to deal with frizz every time you air dry your hair, and we have just the tips to help you out: